Zal Elevators Supplies the Otis brand elevator and escalators. However we provide lift maintenance services for all lift brands on the market.

Zal is a subsidiary of Otis World Wide and as such, we are backed by the company that pioneered elevator and escalator technology. Our elevators have been designed to be safe and engineered for reliability — part of a planned commitment to keep your building running efficiently.

You can choose from our wide range of stylish interiors, to go with a smooth and silent lift ride for your new and existing buildings. Our hard working technical team will make sure your building not only has the safest transportation but make them more attractive to prospective tenants and clients.

Selecting the Right Elevator

Selecting the right elevator for your project begins with knowing the needs of your building. Please check the link below for the many types of Otis elevators available for specific applications

Otis Lift Types


With Modernization, we, provide world class services.

You can replace the old elevator piece wise. We recommend the first step be replacing the old control system with the latest VVVF system for a smoother ride and comfort.

This will come with the following:

1. New VVVF control system for accurate stopping and comfortable ride
2. For very old lifts with DC generators, a new AC machine is provided
3. Hall call buttons and fixtures of the clients choice and latest aesthetics
4. New Car Operating Panel with buttons and display
5. New door drive for smooth door opening and closing
6. New cabling with associated accessories.

We install the system and offer free maintenance for the next 6 months.

As funds allow the following can be replaced in any order or as recommended:

1. Lift cabin
2. Lift counterweight
3. Guides
4. Pit equipment
5. Lift car doors
6. Landing doors, door tracks and door headers

Contact us for a free assessment and quote today.


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Why we are better than others?

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