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SINCE 1965

The Gen2 System


The Gen2 Machine is a compact energy efficient machine with a Sheave measuring just 10cm in diameter.  The Gen2 Machine is located at the top of the hoistway, along with the Controller and Drive.

The Machine takes up to about 30% of the  space of a conventional geared machine and makes the Gen2 System one of the most cost effective elevator system to operate.

In addition, the Machine’s compact size means less inertia, so acceleration is more efficient and rise more comfortable. The coasted steel belts combine to produce an extremely quite ride.

At the systems core, is the coated steel belt.  The major breakthrough in lifting technology in more than 150 years.

We also maintain and service OTIS and other brands like the Kone, Sigma, Shindlar, Mitsubishi and many other brands.